by Robert Brousseau

There is a somewhat unsung service at Vivitide that can be extremely high-value to those researchers that need additional resources for their projects, the FTE.  Our aim is to make it more well-known, while also clarifying some aspects of it.

Q. Just what is an FTE?

A. FTE, or Full-Time Equivalent, is generally considered the ratio of equivalent employees working full-time. In other words, one FTE is equivalent to one employee working full-time. ​ At Vivitide, it is a program with slightly more nuance and advantages: it is a pre-determined set of expectations for a month, set timeline of work or project.  However, it does not have to mean a single dedicated person, lab, or equipment​.  We can also dedicate a full-time equivalent of resources (i.e., multiple scientists working part-time on a project, whose total hours are equal to one full-time amount of work).  This allows greater flexibility and array of talent and equipment for your project.

Q. What are the advantages of FTE versus a typical peptide quotation?

A. While the individual pricing can vary depending on scope, the fixed price instead of a price for each peptide​ is less, and less quoting which means no waiting for PO and approval between peptides​.  This, of course, means less time between projects​.  It can also contain a mixture of services​, including:

  • Arrays, Biomarkers, Small Scale
  • Larger scale and complexity
  • Analytical Services​

Q. That sounds very good for my project’s management.  How do you price my FTE?

A. Vivitide will set expectations of numbers of peptides, antibodies, or both, outputted per month (or another prearranged time period)​.  Price and output depends upon three basic factors:​

  1. Complexity ​
  2. Scale per peptide​
  3. Specifications (purity, analytical testing requirements) ​

Q. Are there any other ways to assist with my project?  It’s not that big but it is difficult and I don’t have a lot of resource to devote to solving it

A. Yes.  One of our most useful FTE offerings is the “Peptide Chemistry Synthesis Optimization.” ​  If you have a peptide, or peptides, that are proving to be problematic or beyond your current scope, we will optimize peptide synthesis procedures for your team and provide a synthesis report and sample​.  Vivitide brings to bear more than fifty years of combined company experience in some of the most challenging peptide synthesis ventures.  We will provide a smooth route to bring your project in-house with validated protocols to ensure replicable and scalable outcomes.

Q. Okay, how do we proceed?

A. Simply contact us!  We would be delighted to confidentially discuss your project.  We will need the complexity, scale per peptide, and specifications (purity, analytical testing requirements).

​We hope you will consider this beneficial service.  Let us advance your research by taking care of the project management with Vivitide FTE service