Welcome to the Edge of Innovation!

We are pleased to confirm that vivitide is now Biosynth and to share our new brand.

We wanted to refresh our brand, to simplify, and to have a cleaner, more modern look, while keeping the feel of the long standing and history of Biosynth Group. 

It started with a simple idea - What do we do? How are we different? What can we do for customers? 

We are rare in offering a full catalog of Research Products while having a full range of Manufacturing.

We are a team who excel and focus on Chemistry but where it meets with Biology, including key biological products.

We are full of scientific experts, with a heart of Innovation, while we pride ourselves on our Reliability.

We work up to very large Scale but always maintain the highest Quality.

And this coming together - the point where these two things meet each time, that is where we are, Biosynth, at "The Edge"

With an unrivalled research product portfolio of over half a million products and end-to-end manufacturing services, we are science led and customer focused to solve problems, taking pride in delivering products and projects that others cannot. Our expertise and capability runs across Complex Chemicals, Peptides and Key Biologics all from one trusted partner.

Click here to read our press release on our rebrand to Biosynth name.

Click to go to www.biosynth.com our new website

FAQ's of Rebrand and Name Change