Employee Spotlight

The subject of the Employee Spotlight this week is Jenna Hazelrigg, who certainly has her plate full, even without everything that is going on right now!  Currently as the dedicated sales representative for the both northern California and the Northeastern US, Jenna is well qualified for her position, having graduated from Worcester State University where she studied Business, Biology, and a minor in Chemistry.  She asserts that her first “big girl” job was at NEP, as a purification tech.  After spending four years in the lab, Jenna was eventually managing Data Analysis (back when the UPLC/MS systems were brand new).  She discloses that she “spent a lot of quality time with those instruments – it was a love/hate relationship” performing purification and AAA.  Perhaps as a result of this relationship, she took a break NEP for a couple years to pursue a sales opportunity in spectroscopy equipment.  Yet as they say, absence make the heart grow fonder, so Jenna returned to NEP without hesitation when she heard there was a local sales/account management position open.  As she confessed, “I was so excited to be part of a fun and successful team again!”  

Jenna’s home team consists of two of each: children, dogs, and cats.  The children are Thomas – her second-grade student – who is eight years old, and William, just six months.  The COVID shut-down has brought things to an entirely different level with a new house, baby, remote second grade learning, and a husband that still has to go into work, and working from home full time.  This is why Jenna assures us that, “multitasking will forever be in BOLD lettering in my list of skills!”