vivitide, a global leader in custom peptides and antibody services for the life science and biotech industry, was formed by the merger of New England Peptide (founded 1998) and Peptides International (founded in 1983).

Our focus is on helping researchers around the globe in their drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development activities with our combined 50+ years of peptide chemistry knowhow and experience. With exceptional customer service, our employees take pride in being part of a vibrant life science community.

Headquartered in Gardner, MA, with significant operations in Louisville, KY, vivitide is a leading provider of custom peptide synthesis services, custom antibodies, catalog peptides and biochemicals to academia, pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies worldwide.

Well known for delivering the highest quality of products and manufacturing capabilities ranging from mg to kg, vivitide has furthermore the unique expertise in complex peptide synthesis, such as RGD peptides. The manufacturing of personalized peptides and throughput production are as important to us as antigen design, antibody purification, and custom peptide-antibody conjugation.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Our Mission

We are an independent, technology-based company, which manufactures and distributes high-quality peptides, antibodies and biochemicals for research and development purposes. We adhere to fundamental economic and ecological principles, comply with relevant federal and local regulations, and are committed to building true and sustainable partnerships with both our customers and our employees. Already a leading provider of research grade peptides in North America we continue to grow our business in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Using smart investments in our infrastructure and people, we continue to look for opportunities to expand our business and footprint in the market. Our diverse workforce of highly skilled, motivated, and responsible employees is our strongest asset.  We are fully committed to equal-opportunity employment and place a strong emphasis on health, safety and environmental protection.

Our Products

vivitide manufactures and distributes biochemical products for research at universities, institutes, pharmaceutical, and biotech laboratories throughout the world.

Some of the exceptional products produced in our laboratories include: RGD peptides, TrypTides (tryptic peptides for proteomics research), stable isotope labeled peptides and amino acids, various receptor agonists and antagonists (including PAR, GLP-1, NPY, bradykinin, ghrelin), hepcidins, venoms and toxins, cell-penetrating peptides, peptide macrocycles, enzyme inhibitors and substrates (including TAPI, FRET, MMP, protease), biomarkers, Click Chemistry products, mini-PEG™ solubilizing linkers, CLEAR-OX™ polymer-supported oxidants, and combinatorial peptide libraries.  Along with an extensive catalog, we offer both straightforward and complex custom peptide synthesis services, from arrays to large scale.

Our Services

We offer a variety of custom services tailored to meet your needs:

Whether you need custom peptides, arrays, antibodies, analytical, or FTE services, we are your trusted partner in life science. Learn more here.

Our Partners

vivitide features the full line of quality products out of the Peptide Institute of Osaka, Japan, which is the commercial partner of the Protein Research Foundation of Osaka, Japan.

The portfolio includes a wide variety of enzyme inhibitors and substrates, biologically active peptides, peptide toxins, and antisera.

Other Products distributed by us include TentaGel™ resins fromRapp Polymere (Germany), ADAMTS-13 Substrate FRETS-VWF73 (licensed from the National Cardiovascular Center in Japan), peptides and proteins from AmideBio, Recombinant Proteins from ProSpec (Israel), dPEG™ discrete PEG derivatives from Quanta BioDesign, and peptide synthesis additives, such as OxymaPure®, from Luxembourg Bio Technologies (Israel).

Distributors of Our Products

vivitide has a valued network of distributors that allows for easy access to our products. Some of these partnerships include:

  • Axxora (Europe, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand)
  • Bio-Connect (Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
  • BIOGEN Cientifica S.L. (Spain and Europe)
  • Biotest Ltd (Israel)
  • Fisher Scientific (Worldwide)
  • LuBio Science (Switzerland)
  • Peptide Institute (Japan)
  • Sapphire Bioscience Pty. Ltd. (Australia, New Zealand)