Care and Storage of Antibodies


For short term storage, store at 4°C. For long term storage (longer than one month), add 0.05% azide and store at -20°C. Serum is stable at -20°C for two to three years.

Purified Antibody (supplied in PBS, pH 7.4)

For best results, store at -80°C. If a -80°C freezer is not available, any combination of adding 0.05% azide, 1% BSA, and 50% glycerol will help stabilize the antibody when stored at -20°C. Antibody is stable at -80°C (or with 50% glycerol at -20°C) for two to three years.

If storing material at -80°C, we also recommend that you determine a working amount of antibody and subsequently apportion the bulk into single-use aliquots to prevent damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

Canadian customers, please note:

Due to the difficulties in sending material over the border on dry ice, we have already added 50% glycerol to your antibody. Store at -20°C.

Gold Conjugated Purified Antibody (supplied in PBS, pH 8.2)

For short term storage, room temperature is perfectly acceptable. For long term storage, store at 4°C.  Do not freeze unless at least 20% glycerol has been added!


Restoration of Lyophilized Material


Add dH2O to equal the amount written on the label. Store at -20°C for best results.

Purified Antibody:

Divide the total amount of antibody by the concentration to determine the original volume and add dH2O in that amount. For generation of a specific concentration you can bring up the antibody in a different amount of dH2O (i.e., 5mg in 5mL for 1.0mg/mL) if you prefer. For best results, store restored material at -80°C, or add 30% glycerol and store at -20°C.