Custom Peptide Synthesis

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With over 50 years combined* industry experience, vivitide is the partner to turn to for your custom peptide synthesis needs.  

We specialize in meeting our customer’s needs and delivering the highest quality and service in the industry.  Hallmarks of our custom peptide synthesis services include:

  • Simple to Complex Peptide Synthesis
  • From mg to kg Scales
  • Peptide Arrays
  • Stable Isotope Labeling
  • Substrates by Design™

Our experienced scientists will work with you to personally ensure that your compound meets your specification.  Whether the issue is purity, quantity, or time, we will see to it that you are satisfied.  You have our word on it.

With two US production sites, we have the capability and expertise to perform a wide variety of chemistries such as: solid phase peptide synthesis, solution phase synthesis, native chemical ligation, glycochemistry, small molecule synthesis, high throughput synthesis, PEGylations, and more.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis Overview

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Multi-disulfide Peptides and Cyclic Peptides

We have extensive experience folding highly complicated molecules to their biologically active forms, whether folding naturally or by using an orthogonal protection strategy. Examples of multi-disulfide peptides include native molecules and analogs of conotoxins, defensins, hepcidins, chemokines, ion channel blockers (ShK, HwTX4, charybdotoxin, iberiotoxin, margatoxin, ProTx-II, mu-conotoxins, etc). Additional types of cyclizations and peptide macrocycles are available such as Head to Tail, Internal Lactam, and stapled peptides.


We can incorporate labels such as TAMRA, FITC or Biotin using a mini-PEG™ spacer. We can also incorporate Rhodamine, special or d-amino acids, stable isotopes, EDANS, Dabsyl, Dansyl, Abz, thiolactic acids, and more.

Peptide-Protein Conjugates

Peptide-protein conjugates have a variety of applications, including the stimulation of antibodies for immunization.  These conjugates can be customized as needed, including combinations with proteins such as Albumin, Ovalbumin, and Ferritin.  Selective heterobifunctional crosslinkers allow for selective attachment of a Cys-containing peptide to the protein of your choice.  Using KLH-MCC will help streamline this reaction, and the product (KLH-6000-PI) is conveniently kept in stock at all times.

Peptide Derivatives

Peptide Modifications

Acylation and amidation, biotynylation, cyclizations, alkylation, lipidation, pegylation, phosphorylation, coupling of bifunctional chelating agents and prosthetic groups for imaging agents, click chemistry.

  • Hydroxyethylene Isostere Reduced Peptide Bonds
  • Aldehydes
  • Chloromethylketones
  • Depsipeptides
  • Phosphonates
Peptide Synthesis Strategies
  • Classical Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis
  • Native Chemical Ligation
  • RGD Platforms
    vivitide is an industry leader for RGD-related cyclic and multimeric peptides, conjugates, and custom chemistry services, and is ready to serve the ever-changing needs of investigators in the field.
  • Besides custom synthesis, we also design the structures of novel compounds representing the aforementioned group, aimed at improving RGD-based radiotracers biodistribution via the application of pharmacokinetic modifiers.

Multi-step Organic Synthesis
  • Novel Amino Acid Derivatives
  • Stereo Selective Synthesis
  • Special Protecting Groups
  • Natural Product Synthesis
  • Chromogenic / Fluorogenic Substrates

Technologies and More

  • Purities from crude to >98%
  • Microwave Chemistry
  • High Throughput Synthesis: for vaccine generation, neoantigen peptides, screening, epitope mapping, and more


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 *operating previously as New England Peptide and Peptides International