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Custom Antibodies

Vivitide offers complete antibody packages available with antigen design,
custom peptide synthesis, conjugation, immunizations, affinity purification, and more.

Antibody Production

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

Custom Monoclonal Antibodies

TrypBodies™: Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM) - SISCAPA®

Custom Peptides

Industry-leading custom peptide synthesis services from small scale to large scale, simple to difficult, and everything in between.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Arrays

TrypTides - SIL peptides

Custom SIL peptides

Proteomics Tools

Tools for quantitative protein analysis using iMRM and mass spectroscopy.

TrypBodies™: Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM) - SISCAPA®

TrypTides - SIL peptides

Custom SIL peptides

Additional Services

Services to complement our custom synthesis and catalog offerings.

Analytical Services

Amino Acid Analysis

FTE Services

Covid-19 Information Station

A one-stop place for COVID-19 resources for researchers. 

COVID-19 Products and Resources

Catalog Products

Thousands of catalog products available from stock.


Building Blocks

Exosome Kits

Peptides & Biochemicals


Proteomics Tools