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We offer both straightforward and complex custom peptide synthesis services, from arrays to large scale. Read more about our peptide synthesis services here.


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Custom Antibody Synthesis Quote

vivitide offers complete antibody packages available with antigen design,
custom peptide synthesis, conjugation, immunizations, affinity purification, and more. Learn more about our antibody production services here:

  • Custom Polyclonal Antibodies
  • Custom Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM) - SISCAPA®

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      Catalog Product Quote

      vivitide manufactures and distributes biochemical products for research at universities, institutes, pharmaceutical, and biotech laboratories throughout the world. With a catalog of over 10,000 items, some of the exceptional products produced in our laboratories include: RGD peptides, TrypTides (tryptic peptides for proteomics research), stable isotope labeled peptides and amino acids, various receptor agonists and antagonists (including PAR, GLP-1, NPY, bradykinin, ghrelin), hepcidins, venoms and toxins, cell-penetrating peptides, peptide macrocycles, enzyme inhibitors and substrates (including TAPI, FRET, MMP, protease), Click Chemistry products, mini-PEG™ solubilizing linkers, CLEAR-OX™ polymer-supported oxidants, and combinatorial peptide libraries.  Many products are in stock and we also offer additional discounts on volume and bulk quantities.

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