Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides for Quantitative Proteomics - Heavy Peptides

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To date, quantitative protein analysis has mostly relied on antibody-based (e.g. ELISA) methods. Recent advances in the sensitivity and reliability of LC-MS instrumentation are making mass spectrometry-based methods competitive for doing quantitative protein analysis.  Additionally, LC-MS methods can be multiplexed so that hundreds to thousands of proteins can be quantified in a single assay, which is a huge advance for both discovery of biomarkers as well as clinical diagnostic assays. The gold standard for MS-based quantitative methods is to use a mass-shifted, stable-isotope-labeled peptide calibrator spiked into the sample of interest, which then allows quantification from a simple ratio of the labeled peak height to the unlabeled. This stable isotope dilution (SID) method is the basis for all selective reaction monitoring (SRM) and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) method. 

vivitide is pleased to offer Neptune™, the industry's first complete suite of peptide and antibody SIS products and services. A world leader in isotope labeled peptides since 2001, vivitide has the experience, knowledge, products, and services to be your one-stop shop all peptide based quantitative proteomics needs.

TrypRaws™ Stable Isotope Labeled Amino Acids and Resins

  • Isotopically labeled resins - Arg (+10) and Lys (+8) loaded for peptide synthesis*
  • Isotopically labeled amino acids for peptide synthesis*
  • SISCAPA Assay Technologies tryptic Stable Isotope Standards for SISCAPA workflows.
  • TrypTides™ Custom Heavy Peptide Synthesis

  • All stable isotope labeled peptides are optimized for the best mass spectrometry performance
  • All standard heavy peptides with >99% Isotopic Purity*
  • Individual peptides with purities including crude, >75%, >85%, >90%, >95% and >98%
  • In-house Amino Acid Analysis for accurate quantitation
  • 1nmol, 10nmol, 1mg, 5mg, to gram quantities
  • Customized aliquotting and kitting - choose your size and quantity!
  • 96 peptide array format available
  • See chart below for some of our available heavy amino acids:
  • *Through a collaboration with Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.,  our high-quality isotope labeled amino acids and preloaded resins have >99.5% isotopic enrichment (“purity”).

    TrypKits™ MS-MRM Kit Manufacturing

    • Kit Design Consultation
    • Peptide Synthesis Production
    • Anti peptide antibody production
    • Peptide Quantitation
    • Analyte Pooling
    • Aliquoting and Labeling
    • Peptide pooling and mixtures
    • Kit Packaging Design
    • View more detail here

    TrypBodies™-Antibodies for Immuno-MRM (iMRM)

    • Custom poly and monoclonal antibodies for iMRM
    • Specialized protocols to maximize MS performance

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