The ME™ Kit for Exosome Isolation

Need to isolate exosomes for your research? Use the ME™ Kit!
  • Specific isolation of extracellular vesicles (exosomes, microvesicles) in as little as 45 minutes.
  • No ultracentrifugation required!
  • Works for multiple sample types (plasma, urine, culture media, etc.) across several species.
  • Can be modified to fit specific needs (multiple chemistries, added to beads, etc.).
  • Comes complete with positive and negative controls.


  • Extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation for functional studies
  • RNA isolation
  • DNA isolation
  • Protein isolation
  • miRNA isolation

The ME™ Kit: optimized by sample type.
Isolating EVs from plasma samples has always presented unique challenges compared to doing the same with urine or media samples. Over the past couple of years, we have put a lot of effort into experimenting with and refining the protocol to optimize this for the Vn96 platform. During this study we noticed enough differences between how the sample types behave that we felt it made the most sense to have two different versions of the kit: one for urine or media samples, and one for plasma. Each kit uses the same tried and true Vn96 reagent, but the recommended protocols are slightly different. We have also developed a new sample dilution buffer for plasma samples that greatly improves clarity of results.

Expanded literature facilitates use in your assays.
Our SOPs have also been updated to include helpful tips and protocols for several types of analyses or studies. The most exciting of these is a method for releasing the EVs from their bound state with the Vn96 peptide, thereby making them available for subsequent functional studies. To receive a copy of our SOP, please email

Developed in collaboration with the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, the Vn96 peptide (US Patent # 8,956,878) binds to canonical Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs).  These are known to decorate the exterior of exosomes and EVs, particularly from cells that are under stress such as cancer cells.  This binding leads to the exosomes being easily precipitated into a pellet with a brief series of spins in a normal benchtop centrifuge.  After collection, the exosomes can be used in multiple assay types such as blotting, staining, PCR, Mass Spec profiling, NanoSight, EM, and functional studies. Click here to view the flexibility of Vn96 via an ISEV poster containing examples of several of these assays.

For further information please review our publication with ACRI in PLOS ONE demonstrating the effectiveness and flexibility of our EV isolation technology, which can be viewed here: .
Additional publications: Peptide-mediated ‘miniprep’ isolation of extracellular vesicles is suitable for high-throughput proteomics: Jaco C. Knola, Inge de Reusa,Tim Schelfhorsta,Robin Beekhofa, et al.

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Protocol at a glance:
  • Filter sample to remove micro-particulate matter.
  • Add Vn96™ reagent and mix for 15 minutes.
  • Centrifuge for 10 minutes @ 15,000g (3x).
  • Bring pellet up in appropriate buffer for desired assay.

Unleash ME™ on your research.
Our product is highly and specifically adaptable to many possible applications, giving your exosome and EV research a major advantage.  Because we have the only exosome isolation product on the market that uses peptide technology, we are uniquely suited to chemically modify or attach our product to any surface, bead, column, or process.  If you foresee a possible future use for your research in a clinical setting, we can help.  Contact us to customize your ME™ kit today!

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