vivitide is pleased to offer our TrypTides™ (tryptic peptides). They are known to be high quality, quantitative heavy/light peptide calibrators for mass spectrometry (MS) research.  They are carefully designed and optimized to provide the best mass spec performance for YOUR assay.
  • 10% human proteome coverage!
  • Stable isotope peptide calibrators spanning several human proteins in stock!
  • Search now  by Gene, UniProt ID, protein name (long and short), or sequence
  • Lightning fast shipment in 3-5 business days includes QC and aliquot service
  • 13C- and 15N-labeled Arg (R^ is +10 amu) and Lys (K^ is +8 amu)
  • >99% Isotopic Enrichment*, >95% purity, 25nmols
  • Many of our products are validated by the NCI CPTAC (Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium) program
  • NIST verified Amino Acid Analysis (CV’s < 10%)
  • MS data from multiple platforms available for some peptides
  • Customizable sizing, aliquoting and stability testing

*Highly enriched amino acids, for high quality labeled peptides and preloaded resins, are obtained from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL).  Please see for details and additional information on the starting materials.

Upon order, we will:

  • Verify quantity using AAA  (Mitigates sample storage/binding issues)
  • Verify purity and identity by UPLC/MS (Mitigates stability issues) ***Peptides may degrade over time, if your Tryptide™ does not pass QC we will notify to cancel or resynthesize which will take 2-3 weeks. ***
  • Aliquot to your specifications and size (Flexible to your assay!)

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