Mastoparan (0.5 mg vial)

Product Name: Mastoparan (0.5 mg vial)

Product Number: PMS-4107-v

Synonym(s): Ile-Asn-Leu-Lys-Ala-Leu-Ala-Ala-Leu-Ala-Lys-Lys-Ile-Leu-NH2; Mastoparan (Wasp, Vespula lewisii)


Description: A cell-penetrating peptide toxin whose sequence is derived from wasp venom and a potent activator of heterotrimeric G proteins

CAS Number: 72093-21-1

Molecular Weight (g/mol): 1478.9

Storage Conditions: -20 °C

Reference(s): Y. Hirai, T. Yasuhara, H. Yoshida, T. Nakajima, M. Fujino, and C. Kitada, Chem. Pharm. Bull., 27, 1942 (1979). (Original; Chem. Synthesis)

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.