Product Name Antipain

Product Number IAP-4062

Synonym(s) [(S)-1-Carboxy-2-Phenylethyl]-Carbamoyl-L-Arginyl-L-Valyl-Argininal • Monohydrochloride Dihydrate, (S)-1-Carboxy-2-phenylethyl]-carbamoyl-Arg-Val-Arg-H hydrochloride form 2O

Application Microbial product; Inhibitor for Trypsin, u-PA, Papain, and Cathepsin A/B

Molecular Formula C27 H44 N10 O6 [net]

Molecular Weight (g/mol) 604.70 [net]

Physical Appearance M

Storage Conditions -20ºC

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J. Chau, J. Biol. Chem., 258, 4434 (1983). (Inhibitory Activity)

Special Note(s) For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.

Document(s) SDS