Product Name: Boc-Cys(Acm)-OH

Product Number: BLC-2121

Synonym(s): t-Butyloxycarbonyl-S-Acetamidomethyl-L-Cysteine

CAS Number: 19746-37-3

Molecular Weight (g/mol): 292.35

Storage Conditions: 2-10 °C

Reference(s): B. Kamber, A. Hartmann, K. Eisler, B. Riniker, H. Rink, P. Sieber, and W. Rittel, Helv. Chim. Acta, 63, 899 (1980). D.F. Veber, J.D. Milkowski, S.L. Varga, R.G. Denkewalter, and R. Hirschmann, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 94, 5456 (1972).

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.