TTR MS Calibrator

Product Name: TTR MS Calibrator

Product Number: BP20-986

Synonym(s): Transthyretin, ATTR, Prealbumin, TBPA, TTHY


Application: High quality, quantitated heavy/light peptide calibrator for Mass Spectroscopy research

Description: TTR MS Calibrator:; H2N-GSPAINVAVHVFR^-OH Gene: TTR Amount: 25nmol; Protein Name: Transthyretin, ATTR, Prealbumin, TBPA, TTHY UniProt ID:; P02766 CPTAC Assay Portal: CPTAC ID: non-CPTAC-11655 General TrypTides™ information: C13 and N15 isotope labeled Arg (R^ is +10 amu) and Lys (K^ is +8 amu) >99% Isotopic Enrichment, >95% purity, 25nmols Many of our products are validated by the NCI CPTAC (Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium) program NIST verified Amino Acid Analysis (CV’s < 7.5%) MS data from multiple platforms available for many peptides Customizable sizing, aliquoting, and stability testing Upon receipt of your order, NEP will: Verify quantity using AAA to mitigate sample storage and binding issues Verify purity and identity by UPLC/MS to mitigate stability issues Aliquot to your specifications and size (Flexible to your assay!) If a new synthesis is required, please allow 2-3 weeks For more information on this product:

Storage Conditions: -20 °C

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.