Ubenimex (Bestatin)

Product Name: Ubenimex (Bestatin)

Product Number: IBS-4093-PI

Synonym(s): [(2S,3R)-3-Amino-2-Hydroxy-4-Phenylbutanoyl]-L-Leucine

Application: An Inhibitor of Aminopeptidases, Leucine Aminopeptidase 3 (LAP3), and a Potent, Irreversible Inhibitor of Leukotriene A4 (LTA4) Hydrolase.

Description: Has antibacterial properties against P. gingivalis and F. nucleatum

CAS Number: 58970-76-6

Molecular Weight (g/mol): 308.38

Storage Conditions: -20 °C

Reference(s): H. Umezawa, T. Aoyagi, H. Suda, M. Hamada, and T. Takeuchi, J. Antibiotics, 29, 97 (1976). https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11515-016-1418-y

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.