Product Name TAPI-O

Product Number INH-3850-PI

Synonym(s) N-(R)-(2-(Hydroxyaminocarbonyl)Methyl)-4-Methylpentanoyl-L-3-(2'-naphthyl)alanyl-l-alanine amide, HONHCOCH2CH(CH2CH(CH3)2)CO-Nal-Ala-NH2

One-Letter-Code HONHCOCH2CH(CH2CH(CH3)2)CO-Nal-A-NH2

Application Inhibitor for Collagenase, MMP, and α-Tumor Necrosis Factor

CAS Number 143457-40-3

Molecular Formula C24 H32 N4 O5

Molecular Weight (g/mol) 456.55

Storage Conditions -20ºC

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Special Note(s) For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.

Document(s) SDS