Ac-Asp-Gln-Thr-Asp-MCA [Ac-DQTD-MCA] (5 mg vial)

Product Name: Ac-Asp-Gln-Thr-Asp-MCA [Ac-DQTD-MCA] (5 mg vial)

Product Number: MCA-3193-v

Synonym(s): Acetyl-L-Aspartyl-L-Glutaminyl-L-Threonyl-L-Aspartic Acid alpha-(4-Methyl-Coumaryl-7-Amide), Ac-Asp-Gln-Thr-Asp-AMC, Ac-DQTD-MCA, Ac-DQTD-AMC

Application: Substrate for Caspase-7/3 (Deduced from the Cleavage Site of Focal Adhesion Kinase and Gelsolin)

Molecular Weight (g/mol): 676.63

Purity: Grade A

Storage Conditions: -20 °C

Reference(s): L.-P. Wen, J.A. Fahrni, S. Troie, J.-L. Guan, K. Orth, and G.D. Rosen, J. Biol. Chem., 272, 26056 (1997)

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.