Nesfatin-1 (Human)

Product Name: Nesfatin-1 (Human)

Product Number: NES-3863-PI

Synonym(s): NEFA Encoded Satiety and Fat-influencing protein 1, Nucleobindin-2 (25-106) (human), NUCB2 (25-106) (human), DNA-Binding Protein NEFA (25-106) (human), Gastric Cancer Antigen Zg4 (25-106) (human)

Application: NEFA Encoded Satiety and Fat-Influencing Protein

Molecular Weight (g/mol): 9551.95

Storage Conditions: -20 °C

Reference(s): I.S. Oh, et al., Nature, 443, 709 (2006). M.G.Myers, Jr., Nat Med, 12, 1248 (2006).

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.