TentaGel® HL-COOH Resin

Product Name: TentaGel® HL-COOH Resin

Product Number: RTH-9338

Description: Substitution Functional Group:-NH-CO-CH2-CH2-COOHTentaGel; is a gelatinous resin, an important support for solid phase synthesis. TentaGel; resins are constructed with a backbone of low crosslinked polystyrene grafted with polyoxyethylene (polyethylene glycol) as shown below. The typical chain length of POE (n) is approximately 68 ethylene oxide units or an average MW of 3000. This long chain creates a spacer that effectively separates the reactive site (X) from the crosslinked backbone matrix. TentaGel; HL (High Load) (mean particle size 110 μm: capacity 04-06 meq/g);

Storage Conditions: 2-10 °C

Special Note(s): For research use ONLY. Not for use on humans.